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There are already a billion active Apple devices worldwide

Apple is undoubtedly one of the largest technology companies of our time . Not only the quality of its products and the large user base behind them confirm this premise, but also the large numbers of sales that have been achieved over the years and the monetary earnings that these represent.

Following the big financial results announcements that the company founded by Steve Jobs has been used to making for some years now, a few hours ago announced the profits obtained during the last quarter of 2015 which closed last December 26, and thus the official announcement of last year’s total profits.

Apple manages to reach a historical record

There are already a billion active Apple devices worldwide
There are already a billion active Apple devices worldwide

Tim Cook, current Apple’s CEO and who was considered one of the most important characters of 2014 by Time magazine, announced that the company generated earnings of $18.4 billion in the last quarter of 2015 , the highest figure ever reached by the company in quarterly earnings over the same period in previous years.

Yes, the profits are majestic, but instead of focusing on how they were reached, let’s focus on another milestone for Cupertino’s company. In the document published by Apple, it is also revealed that Apple currently has one billion active devices around the world , a figure that represents another important achievement in the manufacturer’s history.

This great goal has obviously been made possible by the large number of devices that the company has sold in recent years . From the ultra-famous iPhones to the Apple TVs, including the Apple Watches , of which we will see their successor arrive during the second half of this year, and of course, the iPads. Each and every one of the iDevices has contributed to this cause.

Now what’s next for Apple?

Apple has touched the ceiling, yes or yes. From now on analysts predict a decrease in the sale of Apple devices and consequently, revenues will also decrease . However, this does not mean that the company will give up, as it is the perfect excuse to redouble efforts and find new ways to innovate.

The latest rumors suggest that the new iPhone will have a much more powerful and less bulky camera, but it is still too early to tell what is next on the company’s itinerary.

From now on we can only wait for more rumours and start speculating, so while the moment arrives, tell us what would you like to see on the new iPhone?

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