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there are 6 left in the world who know each other


The history of Apple (and in general the great technological ones) is always fascinating because of small details and curiosities. This is the case of the Macintosh Portable M5120 , an Apple “laptop” that appeared in the 80s but was never really sold. Now several images have appeared where we can see the prototype in a transparent case.

there are 6 left in the world who know each other
there are 6 left in the world who know each other

The images are collected by MacRumors thanks to Sony Dickson, in them we see the restored prototype with the new transparent case that shows part of its interior. In the 80’s A pple sold other models of Macintosh Portable , but in general they came with the classic white color beige .

Portable Macintoshes are interesting in several ways. It is essentially a Macintosh with an attached battery to be able to transport it and make it “portable”. This Apple equipment was sold for a price of $7,300, although due to its high price, it never fully succeeded.

Inside the Macintosh Portable we find a 9 MB SRAM, enough to move its 9.8 inch black and white LCD screen . The computer had a 1.44 MB floppy disk reader. It also had a lead-acid battery (no lithium) which gave it an autonomy of up to 8 hours.

If we look at the images we see that it has a huge hinge that allows you to move the screen and close it. The keyboard is perhaps what has been most retained in today’s computers. Instead of a trackpad, we have a huge ball like those previously used in mice. All this together made the laptop weigh about 7 kilograms s.

The Macintosh Portable never quite succeeded because of its high price . Apple finally got rid of the idea of selling them in 1991. Just one year later, the PowerBook arrived, machines that did manage to make a place for themselves in Apple’s list of successes.


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