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their stock would go up to $400 in 2012

Apple’s boom in recent years has seen the company grow and deliver record results to its shareholders at quarterly press conferences, and it looks like this will continue: Fortune bets on Apple and states that in 2012 the company’s shares will reach a value of 400 dollars .

As I write these lines, Apple’s stock is valued at approximately $250. Andy Zaky, author of the Fortune article, is betting on an increase in this value to about $332-350 as soon as October 2011 arrives to rise to $400 the following year. Amagill

their stock would go up to $400 in 2012
their stock would go up to $400 in 2012

At a time when the global economic crisis is hitting hard, the fact that Apple is growing without flinching is very good news considering that until a few years ago these increases were unthinkable. But it is clear that these predictions will only be fulfilled if Apple continues to innovate as it has done up to now, with successes such as the iPad and iPhone 4.

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