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the YouTube support channel posts accessibility videos

The apple company recently updated its YouTube support channel, including new videos related to the accessibility tools offered by the iPhone. What this series of videos does is guide users through the setup and use of some features, which were created for those with low dexterity or vision difficulties .

At AppleYou can activate a virtual start button in iOS using Assistive Touch

the YouTube support channel posts accessibility videos
the YouTube support channel posts accessibility videos

In the first video we see how to use the Assistive Touch function, * which adds a virtual start button with which users can perform multiple functions.

Cupertino’s firm also shared a couple of video tutorials ideal for visually impaired users. One of them teaches how to use the Magnifier on the iPhone to zoom in and illuminate documents, menus, objects and more.

Another video explains how to use VoiceOver, *+a gesture-based screen reader on iPhone and iPad**, which provides audible descriptions of what’s on the device’s screen.

Finally, the Apple Support channel shared a video with which it is possible to learn how to invert colors in iOS. “If you benefit from seeing elements on a dark background, you can use the ‘Color Reversal’ function to change the way content is displayed on your screen” , Apple states in its video.

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