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The Winter of the World (The Century 2) in Apple Books

The children of the five families featured in The Fall of the Giants will shape their destiny in the turbulent years of World War II, the Spanish Civil War, the Pearl Harbor bombing and the atomic bomb era.

Second volume of the trilogy “The Century”

The Winter of the World (The Century 2) in Apple Books
The Winter of the World (The Century 2) in Apple Books

In the year 1933, Berlin is a focus of political and social upheaval. Lady Maud, now Walter von Ulrich’s wife and mother of two, publishes articles in a weekly magazine that ridicule the Nazi Party, while Walter expresses his opposition in Parliament. However, it seems that nothing can stop Chancellor Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. When Ethel Williams and her son Lloyd visit the von Ulrich family, they will all witness the tyranny and repression of the new Germany.

The Third Reich’s dominance will extend to France and beyond the Russian border. Meanwhile, in England, Lloyd Williams, a political activist like his mother, will fight in the British army to try to stop the Nazis’ advance and will join the international brigades during the Spanish civil war. He will participate in the Zaragoza offensive and the battle of Belchite.

At Ty Gwyn, the Fitzherberts’ family mansion in Wales, the British officers will be staying and, during his stay, Lieutenant Lloyd Williams will be attracted to Boy Fitzherbert’s wife, the rich American heiress Daisy Peshkov.

“The Century” trilogy is the story of my grandparents and yours, our parents and our own lives. In a way it’s the story of all of us.”

Ken Follett

The critics have said…
“The saga catches on and the intensity of the characters immerses you in the story. A work of full coherence, cohesion and neatness.”

Ramón Ventura, El Periódico de Catalunya

“An epic, generational melodrama that brings out the best and the worst in human beings.”

La Razón

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