The week when the iOS and OS X community stops everything

José Betancur y Diogo Tridapalli

As is traditional for this time of year, we have news of the last hour at the door and around the Moscone this morning in San Francisco . This year it is through our correspondents Diogo Tridapalli and José Betancur, former students of the KeepCoding Training Center. Diogo and José are there right now and they are giving us exclusive images of the hours leading up to the big event.

The famous tail

The week when the iOS and OS X community stops everything
The week when the iOS and OS X community stops everything

Diogo tells us that the queue began to form at about 19:45 on Sunday , with about 15 people. At about 2 o’clock this morning, the queue was already stretching for more than a block with more than 150 people!

You could see tents, chairs, and even some pillows. Many MacBooks, iPhones, and Apple Watches are the mandatory equipment that helps pass the time.

Most of the pilgrims who are in line come to a WWDC for the first time, including students who have received an Apple scholarship. There is talk that about 300 would be in that situation this year.

These lucky people also participate in a private event with some of Apple’s heavyweights, such as Tim Cook , who spent a lot of time with the students , chatting with them and taking pictures.

Pictures have been obtained from the second floor of the Moscone, where references to watchOS can be seen. There is always talk of a WWDC long before, but even so Apple always surprises us.

The Appleselfies

José Betancur began his pilgrimage by going for his badge, his access card. If you didn’t do it the day before, the first stop is to claim the badge, which this year looks more resistant than the previous ones.

Remember that if you lose your badge, Apple will not replace it even if you can prove that you are the one. This year the badge and ribbon are joined by a circular design, which allows for greater mobility, since in past editions you always ended up with a broken badge.

And the queue competing with the presentation event is… the free coffee and doughnut line!

Apple is forbidden for developers to bring selfies sticks to the conference, but that has nothing to do with the organizers themselves making use of it. A selfie stick went along the WWDC line recording a video with the slogan “smile, get out in the frame, pass it on to the next one”. In addition, more professional videos have been recorded by Apple, so some surprise will have us at the beginning of the Keynote with this…

The KeepCoding team will continue here at the bottom of the barrel, ready to send images and tell us every curiosity and rumor from the front row of the event that literally stops the iOS and OS X community.

Follow them both at Apple and in the Startup Development space promoted by KeepCoding.


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