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The Watch does not need Bluetooth if you use the same WiFi as the iPhone

The specialist media have been totally revolutionised by the Apple Watch since last Monday, when the “Spring Forward” Keynote was held. Since then we have not stopped learning about the details and features of the smartwatch that will be on the market in a few weeks, to which we must add now that the Apple Watch does not need to connect via Bluetooth if it is using the same WiFi network as the iPhone.

The Apple Watch is going to be an intelligent clock with some very interesting features that will not leave anyone indifferent, although perhaps there will be aspects that users expected to be better, such as the battery. According to Apple, the Watch will have an autonomy of 18 hours with daily use.

The Watch does not need Bluetooth if you use the same WiFi as the iPhone
The Watch does not need Bluetooth if you use the same WiFi as the iPhone

Just yesterday we made a compilation with the main aspects of the Apple Watch that will make it crush its Android rivals, to which we could add this other one we will talk about today. The fact that can still have the iPhone and the Watch paired even outside the range of Bluetooth is very interesting.

You won’t need Bluetooth if your Apple Watch and iPhone share a WiFi network

Since the Apple Watch was released last September on the iPhone 6 Keynote, there has been much speculation about the need to carry the smartphone around or have it near the smartwatch so that it can be paired up. This is mainly because Bluetooth connections lose a lot of performance as soon as the connected devices are far away , even though they have a more than sufficient range.

Given this situation, many people thought that Apple was looking for the user not to leave the iPhone behind in favour of the Apple Watch , but for both to coexist and complement each other perfectly. However, this idea sounds crazy, at least with the first generation of the watch, since it depends entirely on the iPhone to run applications.

But nothing is further from the truth, since the Apple Watch will not need a Bluetooth connection to pair with the iPhone and will be a fully functional watch , as long as the smartwatch and the smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network. A big plus for the Watch, since it won’t matter if the iPhone is in a room while you’re moving around, because the performance of the connection won’t be affected.

On the other hand, this feature of the Watch is very relevant to the experience of use with third-party applications , as they do the heavy lifting on the paired iPhone and then deliver the results on the smartwatch.

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Google would incorporate Watch features into Android Wear

TheVerge reports that the Google guys have been following the Apple Watch presentation from last Monday very closely and are already working on adding some features and functions of the rival watch to Android Wear. For example, there is talk that they might include some built-in touch gestures in the Watch, as well as this feature on the WiFi connection we talked about today.

So, the fact that the Apple Watch and the iPhone can connect to each other via WiFi if they use the same network and without using Bluetooth is a great feature that once again sets them apart from other competing smartwatches.

How about this feature of the Apple Watch?

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