The waiting time to buy AirPods is less

A few months ago we saw in many different sources that with only the AirPods and the Apple Watch, our beloved apple already had between those two products the equivalent that a company would have in order to be in the Fortune 500 list , which is something incredible because these are not by far two of the biggest products of the brand as the iPhone or the Mac could be.

For AirPod enthusiasts, there is some good news: the waiting time has been greatly reduced due to an increase in production as we have seen before. Apple users and customers who wanted to get their hands on a pair of these cordless headphones kept reporting that every time the Californian firm put the product in stock, within a few hours it was already sold out.

The waiting time to buy AirPods is less
The waiting time to buy AirPods is less

AirPods, like many Apple products, stand out from the rest in terms of quality and exclusivity, but thanks to the great demand that our beloved apple has received, it has decided to invest a little more in the production and delivery of this product in order to satisfy the needs of the most select.

Although this is still unique in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, we hope that Apple will soon expand it to the rest of the world. Previously, if we ordered AirPods, the apple’s website estimated that they would arrive in about 6 weeks , more if you live outside these countries, but now this period of time has been reduced by 1 to 2 weeks.

We have some bad news for you if you are one of those who wanted to buy the iPhone 8 together with the AirPods: Apple has made it clear that the headphones in question will not come from the hands of the terminal, as they are not enough. We also have to take into account that AirPods are dominating the US market taking over 85% of its sector.

Font : MacRumors

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