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the user interface. Basic Course

Final Cut Pro X, una nueva aplicación que sólo conserva el nombre

During this first video we will make a brief tour through the application’s interface.

the user interface. Basic Course
the user interface. Basic Course

For those of you who have used applications such as Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Express, Adobre Premiere, or even iMovie, you’ll find it easy to adapt because Final Cut Pro X inherits certain details of iMovie and its interface, making the jump easy. For many people, the new version is a vitaminated iMovie, but that’s a discussion we won’t discuss here.

The interface of Final Cut Pro X is quite simple and intuitive . It is divided into three main sections: Event Library, Viewer, and Timeline.

  • The event library will show us the storage units connected to our equipment. There we will create the events where we will be able to import the multimedia material that later we will use in our project.
  • The Final Cut Pro X Viewer merges what in Final Cut Pro 7 was the viewer and canvas. In this Viewer we will see a preview of the imported material in the Events as well as the visualization of our project.
  • The Timeline is where we will be composing our project. To it we can drag images, videos and audio files. In addition to applying transitions and other effects and adjustments.

Unlike in Final Cut Pro 7, in Final Cut Pro X the different parts of the interface are not independent windows but are all unified in a single window . This is sometimes a bit uncomfortable, especially if we use several screens or even one monitor to display the result.

In that window we will find a series of buttons with which to perform or access different actions or menus. For example, import material from a video camera, mark a clip as a favorite, add keywords, insert effects or titles,…

In short, if you’re thinking of starting to use Final Cut Pro X I encourage you to download the thirty-day demo version and investigate. We’ll gradually show you more details. What’s next? Final Cut Pro X settings.

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