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The updated Chain 100 application

Cadena 100

The application allowed listening to the radio thanks to a wifi connection, as well as access to various information. Today, Imanol contacted us again to tell us that they have presented an update of the application, with important new features. In addition, the application is suitable for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

The updated Chain 100 application
The updated Chain 100 application

Among the new features we can find are multitasking (so we can listen to the station while we do other things), access to the daily podcasts of Good Morning, Javi Nieves!, “The kids and Jimeno always tell the truth”, and the radio chapters of Camera Café. You can also read Cadena 100’s tweets, access Cadena 100’s videos on YouTube, and Cadena 100’s information on Facebook as well as its website. The application is still free and can be downloaded from today on the App Store.

Many thanks to Imanol and Cadena 100 for providing this information in the first place.

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