The Ultimate Guide (iPhone and iPad)

Today we review all the features in a definitive guide to iOS 8 keyboards for iPhone and iPad . We will also recommend some very interesting third party keyboards from the App Store.

For the first time in iOS history, Apple allows users to replace the default keyboard with third-party alternatives . Most people are happy with the native option that Cupertino offers, but many are happy to accept the new predictive text, handwriting, or customization options of the iOS 8 keyboards.

Warnings and suggestions before installing a keyboard in iOS 8

The Ultimate Guide (iPhone and iPad)
The Ultimate Guide (iPhone and iPad)

Before you start, please note that the dictation option is only possible with the standard Apple keyboard. Furthermore, it will take a long time before a third party keyboard appears that supports as many languages as the apple company’s.

It’s interesting to note that rotating an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus brings up new keys in iOS 8, including arrows and an undo button. Another advantage is that to quickly change the keyboard we can use the balloon key.

But installing an iOS 8 keyboard on our iPhone or iPad comes with its own risks. If we grant full access to a third-party keyboard, it will have legal permission to access all our data and information . This full access serves to enable the keyboards to automatically learn about our writing methods and help us to write faster.

But relying on third party keyboards to protect our data is just as risky as, for example, filling in form fields in web logs. The decision is yours, but from iPadizate we recommend that you inform yourself well about the developer and their terms of use and privacy before sharing an ID card, bank account or any other important data.

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How to buy, install, and activate a new iOS 8 keyboard

Third-party keyboards for iPhone and iPad will only work with iOS 8, so before installing an application make sure you have updated your mobile operating system. After installing the app in question you will need to go to the Settings application and enter General> Keyboard> Keyboards> Add New Keyboard .

After selecting the keyboards you want to include, you can choose whether or not to allow the Total Access option . Once you have done this, while typing you can click on the balloon button at the bottom left to switch between the different keyboards.

In our iOS 8 keyboards section you can find much more information on the subject, and if you want look for a keyboard that fits your needs don’t forget to visit our compilation article with up to 25 highly recommended keyboards.

Did you find this tutorial helpful? Do you have any questions or suggestions about keyboards in iOS 8? We look forward to hearing from you in the comments section at the bottom of this publication.

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