the tweak to customize the iMessage background color


As you may know, the iOS 10 Jailbreak is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Although it is in beta phase, and still not very stable, the Jailbreak Yalu by Luca Todesco will soon be more reliable due to the release of its source code.

the tweak to customize the iMessage background color
the tweak to customize the iMessage background color

On the other hand, Cydia is already seeing many tweaks arrive with iOS 10 support . One of them is DarkMessages , a tweak to customize the background color of iMessage.

A few days ago we told you how you could use Dark Mode in iOS 10 (with and without Jailbreak) before the iOS 10.3 update arrives, which is speculated to have a Theater Mode for video playback. Well, this tweak also joins the list.

The tweak DarkMessages has been developed by Sticktron and is available on Cydia for iPhone and iPad with iOS 10. This tool provides users with the ability to customize the background color of iMessage giving it a much darker tone to facilitate a better experience if you’re spending hours and hours using iMessage.

Without a doubt, DarkMessages is a Cydia tweak ideal for all those users who converse via iMessage in the middle of the night, when the lights are off and eyestrain begins to take effect.

But this Night Mode is not only to help rest the eyes, it will also add a visual style point in the application for some users. We wonder why Apple has not yet added a Night Mode in iMessage, as it is already the case in Safari and iBooks .

However, when you install DarkMessages a new configuration panel will appear in the Settings application through which you can enable and disable Cydia’s tweak.

DarkMessages is a tweak very similar to Eclipse and Nightmode9 , but this one has been specially designed for iOS 10. If you are interested in downloading DarkMessages, you can do it from the BigBoss source or repository.


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