The tweak 3DBoard, will allow us to test the 3D effect of iOS 7

One of the aspects of iOS 7 that has made many users fall in love with it after its launch, has undoubtedly been its revamped interface. A radical change that highlights the 3D effect of the desktop, achieved through the use of the iPhone’s gyroscopes. Once again, Cydia offers a solution for those who want to see this effect, but are not registered as developers: 3DBoard.

The new iOS 7 interface will undoubtedly become one of the operating system’s flagships. On the other hand, it was to be expected that in the face of such a drastic change, defenders and detractors would emerge in equal numbers, and precisely one of the most criticized aspects during the hours following the inaugural keynote of the WWDC has been the design of the WWDC.

The tweak 3DBoard, will allow us to test the 3D effect of iOS 7
The tweak 3DBoard, will allow us to test the 3D effect of iOS 7

Avoiding unnecessary controversy, the truth is that we are still a few months away from the Golden Master version and its subsequent worldwide release. Now, if you have been love at first sight and you burn in desire to get your hands on it, but you do not have a UDID as developers to facilitate access to the initial beta , it is possible to go liven up the wait and implement some of its features in your iDevices .

What am I talking about? This time, a small tweak available, of course, on Cydia: 3DBoard . Playing with the depths of the different layers that compose it, will create a 3D effect on the desktop thanks to which we will have the sensation that the icons are ahead of the wallpaper.

It is not as polished as iOS 7 , but as a temporary patch, you have to admit that it is not bad at all. It would also be no surprise if the developers of apps for Cydia took good note of what happened at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, and in the near future they will be conceiving new tweaks that will allow us to reproduce iOS 7 features on our devices.

As long as we have made the jailbreak to our iDevice with iOS 4 or later, we can officially acquire 3DBoard through the BigBoss repo for $2.99 . Finally, we leave you with a video that shows how it works in detail.

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