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The Touch ID Integrated into the iPhone 7 Display, More Real than Ever

Fingerprint detection technology has improved greatly in recent years and Apple’s investment in R&D has succeeded in miniaturising the biometric sensor to allow it to be inserted into a smartphone as slim as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

But Apple wants to go much further, and the latest rumours point, more than ever, to the fact that could introduce the Touch ID sensor into the very screen of the future iPhone. There is more chance that we will see it on the seventh generation iPhone, than on the renewal they are going to launch with the iPhone 6s. We’ll tell you more details below.

The Touch ID Integrated into the iPhone 7 Display, More Real than Ever
The Touch ID Integrated into the iPhone 7 Display, More Real than Ever

This is not the first time we talk about this possibility and having in mind the first Touch ID prototypes that were presented to the public, as you can see in the image that accompanies this paragraph, the technology has evolved a lot in recent years, so the Touch ID integrated into the iPhone’s own screen is closer than ever.

This would bring many benefits to the next iPhone 7, since the screen of the smartphone could be bigger without the Touch ID button , as it is not necessary to have the bottom part available to be able to introduce a physical button. This also means that we can say goodbye to the Home button on the next iPhone 7.

The integration of Touch ID on the display would be possible thanks to Sonavation, a company that is developing an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, capable of reading the fingerprint in a three-dimensional way and all through the Gorilla Glass that Apple uses for iPhone displays and also on iPads.

At the moment there are not many known functionalities of this new Touch ID sensor, but we would not lose any functionality compared to the current model, since the new ultrasound technology would be able to capture the fingerprints in the same way as the current Touch ID. In addition, there would be improvements in detection, since the ultrasound technology would not be affected by having our fingers stained as if it affects the current sensor .

There’s no evidence that Apple has contacts with the Sonavation company, but we’ve already learned through patents from the apple company that they’re working on it.

What we don’t think is likely is that this technology will arrive with the rumored iPhone 6s, since the smartphone would have to be completely redesigned, something that Apple has not had in mind since the conception of this new smartphone model. It will be more a revision of the current iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models, than a new concept of smartphone. But perhaps next year 2016, with the arrival of the revolutionary iPhone 7 is when we will see how Touch ID technology is implemented on the screen itself .

Do you think Apple will be able to develop this technology accurately for iPhone 7 in 2016?

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