The Tiny Bang Story HD, adventures and puzzles

Nothing better for Sunday afternoon (or any other day when we have enough time) than enjoying a good game. The Tiny Bang Story HD enters through the big door in the category of adventure and puzzle games , combining good music, good graphics and good gameplay. The version we have tested is the iPad version, although it is also available for OS X on the App Store and for Windows. What is it about? At the beginning of the game we witnessed a small world with a moon shaped like a football. Suddenly an asteroid hits the ball, causing everyone to get “messy”. Our mission will then be to fix everything and leave it as it was.

The iPad version has fewer graphic elements and animations than the OS X version, so the first thing you have to decide is which platform to play it on. The gameplay is very good and, although the game is not short, when it is over you will surely wish it would last a little longer. In this post we will take a look at this great game, trying not to reveal too many clues.

The Tiny Bang Story HD, adventures and puzzles
The Tiny Bang Story HD, adventures and puzzles

As I was saying, it all starts with a “little bang”, in which the world is shattered. We can see all the pieces of the puzzle that makes up the world falling apart, and our mission will be to go through the levels and collect all the pieces of the puzzle, to assemble them at the end of each phase.

There are several details to thank the creators of the game. The first one is that the game has a tutorial as soon as we start, in which we are shown the mechanics of the game to know how to interact with the objects. The second element is that the game itself has a helper that we can select if we get stuck, and to do this we must hunt a series of insects that flutter around the screen until the indicator is full, so that we do not throw ourselves headlong to get everything done. The third one, we have test versions to see if we like it or not before buying it. Fourth, we have several slots to save up to four different games. And finally, that the soundtrack is available for download from the website for free, whether we buy the game or not.

The video that accompanies the entry corresponds to the first steps in the game. We can see how we find things to do, like fixing a ladder so we can find the missing steps, or repairing a locomotive that will take us to our next mission.

The graphics and ambience, as well as the soundtrack, make the game a pleasure and we enjoy every moment, paying attention to all the details in order to continue our particular journey. In addition to puzzles and “thinking” games, some skill games and tributes to 8-bit games are also included.

Comparisons are always hateful, but many of you may be wondering if it’s up to Machinarium. Actually, yes, it is, and even I would say that some games are more entertaining than Machinarium. Where he loses a little bit is perhaps in the fact that the main character in the story is us and not the nice robot in the other game. Also, and from the information on the web, it seems to run perfectly on iPad 1.

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If there’s a second part to the game I promise to be one of the first to buy it. The Tiny Bang Story costs 2.39 euros for iPad, and we have a free trial version available from this link. If we want the OS X version, this one will cost us a bit more, 7.99 euros. We also have a free trial version for our computers. Although in the iPad version I have seen some bugs in the counting of the puzzle pieces, it is a beautiful and entertaining game. Recommended.

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