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The third public beta of the macOS 10.12.6 arrives

It has been more than a week since the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) took place in California. This event covered all the new developments that the Bitten Apple company was eager to present to us. Within this conference they announced many new features, such as an update to their entire range of computers, both iMac and MacBook, brought us the next computer operating system, the macOS High Sierra and many other things.

As we have said before, we were introduced to the new and innovative operating system, which has many hidden features and which if used with its corresponding use can bring us endless advantages. In addition, they changed the wallpaper image for another one in which we could appreciate more the high parts of the mountains .

The third public beta of the macOS 10.12.6 arrives
The third public beta of the macOS 10.12.6 arrives

A couple of days ago, this Tuesday June 20th to be exact, Apple released the third beta of 10.12.6 macOS . Yes, from an earlier version, because even though we don’t believe it, Cupertino’s people are still working on the current system, since it still has details and features to be polished. This release has been accompanied by the first public beta of macOS 10.3.3, another of the software in beta phase programmed by the company.

Although today, we don’t know anything about when the respective public betas of watchOS and tvOS will arrive, but don’t worry, according to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, the software that runs the Apple TV will be updated soon , this will be called tvOS 11, like its brother in iPhone iOS 11.

All the versions of operating systems that Apple presented on June 5 of this year in the previously mentioned WWDC, are still in beta phase, which only the developers and personnel of the company have access. The trial version of High Sierra still has many bugs to fix until the day it will be released , said Cupertino’s people.

In the iPhone section we have the iOS 11, which is already in beta for developers, but High Sierra has so many bugs that there is still 1 month to be in beta and not for everyone , Apple is taking its time in this new software, because it is planned that iOS 11 will be for everyone in July, although it is still in beta, and by September it will be available to everyone, obviously you can only use this operating system if you have an iPad or iPhone compatible with it.

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