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the terminal and other products that Apple could present in March

With concrete rumors about an Apple keynote starting in March, it’s time to review what news we could expect. If yesterday we detailed our expectations on the services side, now it’s time to look at the hardware side . The truth is that there are quite a few things to comment on, let’s see them below.

iPhone 9, the star of this spring

We still do not know what the spiritual successor to the iPhone SE, launched in March 2016, will be called. But there are already those who take it for granted that we will know it as iPhone 9 , as a way of indicating its position in the hierarchy. In it, we should see a terminal with some leading specifications under a familiar chassis.

the terminal and other products that Apple could present in March
the terminal and other products that Apple could present in March

Specifically, a 4.7 inch terminal is shuffled that would leave behind the 4 inches of other generations. An iPhone 8 with improved internal specifications, including the A13 Bionic processor (it will be interesting to see if it includes the U1 chip) and 3GB of RAM. It would have Touch ID and the usual frames in phones of this type. A single rear camera sensor, possibly of the current generation, is also expected.

As for the price, it is a key element of this terminal. Rumours place it at 399 dollars (around 460 or 480 euros with VAT) for the 64GB input model. It would be the same starting price of the original iPhone SE.

More new features expected: 13-inch MacBook Pro, Apple TV 6 and AirTag

If the arrival of iPhone 9 is taken for granted in all pools, there are other products that have a high probability of being introduced in March. These are the 13-inch MacBook Pro , which will follow in the wake of the 16-inch MacBook Pro last year. Less frames, possibly a bigger screen, better speakers and the new keyboard would be its main improvements.

As for an Apple TV 6, possible specifications were already rumored in September: A12 Bionic processor , HDMI 2.1 support and possible pack with a controller and Apple Arcade subscription. Its presentation has a high probability of happening if we take into account that the previous generation was launched in 2017.

At AppleThe ‘AirTags’ around the corner: suppliers prepare to start production, according to Kuo

And to finish the section of novelties with greater probabilities, we have the AirTag. Just yesterday we saw how rumors claimed that Apple’s Asian suppliers were working on it. There are enough indications to think that could be presented next March 31st , with a launch in the following months.

Other products still far on the horizon

The four products above are the ones we will most likely see announced next month. But there is another list of devices that are expected to be renewed, although they would still be far away. They are the following ones:

  • iPad Pro: rumors place a triple camera in the back, with a 3D depth sensor. Recently it was said that there is a chance that we will even see it in March.
  • iMac: The current iMac design dates back to 2012, so a significant design change is expected. It is rumored to have AMD Ryzen 4000 processors.
  • AirPods Pro Lite: One of the latest rumors puts a light version of the current AirPods Pro on the table. Perhaps with the current design, but without active noise cancellation.
  • Charging base: After the AirPower fiasco, a wireless charging base for the bitten apple is again a possibility. Without mentioning the fateful accessory, Ming-Chi Kuo places it as a product to be launched in the first half of 2020.

At AppleThe services and software news we would like to see in the March keynote

Of course, we cannot take any of these products for granted. Nor can we expect to see a keynote at the end of next month. Company plans may change and often do so at the last minute . You only have to look at last September’s keynote to realize that there was a “gap” in time in the presentation.

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