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The T2 chip in the new Macs prevents third-party repairs

Last October an internal Apple document was leaked which revealed that the T2 security chip would be primarily responsible for preventing third party repairs to Macs. This data was somewhat confusing but yesterday the American newspaper The Verge was able to confirm it with sources from Apple itself.

T2 chip confirmed to be blocking Macs

On October 30th Apple presented a new generation of MacBook Air and Mac mini, which have by default the mentioned T2 chip which has as main objective to guarantee the security of the users, although for this the user will find certain limitations like the impossibility to install some versions of Windows and Linux in a partition of the disk.

The T2 chip in the new Macs prevents third-party repairs
The T2 chip in the new Macs prevents third-party repairs

The T2 chips have another objective that would benefit Apple itself and that is the fact that avoid a repair that is carried out by personnel not authorized by the company . In other words, if an unauthorized service technician or the user himself tries to repair it, he will end up with the device blocked and will surely lose the warranty .

According to The Verge, from the documents it has accessed, the components that are affected are the display assembly, the top case, the logic board, and the Touch ID system of the MacBook Pro. For the new MacBook Air and Mac mini, the logic board and flash memory are the affected components.

Why is Apple taking this step?

The price of some repairs by Apple or an authorized service provider is often high , so many users with some knowledge of hardware venture to repair it themselves or if they do not have technical capabilities take their device to a third party service provider . This will now no longer be possible due to the risk of keeping the equipment unused.

The controversy is served with this new measure from Apple as it is strange that a user cannot repair his own device as he sees fit. After all, he has paid for it and should be able to manipulate it at his own risk . Obviously users should also understand that Apple does not want others to profit from repairing equipment that it manufactures itself and for which it offers a complete and guaranteed technical service .

How do you feel about Apple taking this action with respect to third-party repairs? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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