The SwiftKey Keyboard Gets 1M Downloads on the App Store

SwiftKey keyboard for iOS 8 is breaking downloading records

SwiftKey, one of the new keyboards for iOS 8, recently announced that it has already exceeded one million downloads on the App Store and all that just 24 hours after Apple released its latest operating system update.

As you may know, the arrival of iOS 8 allows all users to slightly customize their mobile devices by adding a third party keyboard , an option that Android users have been able to enjoy for several years now and that has finally arrived for all Cupertino’s users.

The SwiftKey Keyboard Gets 1M Downloads on the App Store
The SwiftKey Keyboard Gets 1M Downloads on the App Store

Thus, when Apple launched the new iOS to the public, several third-party keyboard applications came out on the App Store and considering that users had been waiting a long time for this option, they did not hesitate for a moment to download these keyboards. One of the most popular applications that has managed to position itself at number 1 in the Top Charts of the popular Apple App Store has been SwiftKey .

SwiftKey sweeps the App Store with 1 million downloads in just 24 hours

The SwiftKey keyboard is a complete user learning application that replaces the new iOS 8 keyboard with one that learns each user’s personal writing style and offers high accuracy in self-correcting and predicting the next word , one of its strongest points against its direct competition.

Another aspect that may have led SwiftKey to proclaim itself the ” most downloaded App on the App Store ” may have been its price. For those of you who don’t know and unlike other keyboards available in the app store, the keyboard is totally free , something that had to help users decide on it instead.

But what is it about installing a keyboard in iOS 8? , if you’re still a bit lost in the keyboard scene you can take a look at our exquisite selection of the 4 best keyboards to familiarize yourself with these new apps that we’re sure to start seeing a lot on the App Store.

So, as the guys at MacRumors say, it was undoubtedly great news for the guys at SwiftKey who have achieved no less than 1 million downloads in just 24 hours , a milestone that clearly shows the wisdom of Apple in including the possibility of installing third party keyboards on its new operating system.

Have you tried the new SwiftKey keyboard for iOS 8? Tell us your experience!

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