The supply chain begins to send the first HomePod

The HomePod is about to be officially launched on the market, although we still don’t have an exact date , analysts predict that by the end of this month, the beginning of February. Today, a new report states that the first HomePods have been sent from the supply chain to distributors, in order to be put on sale. Specifically, an order for one million intelligent speakers from the Apple company has already been placed.

Taipei Times was the medium that claimed that Inventec , one of Apple’s suppliers that manufactures the HomePod would have made the first shipment of the HomePod, namely one million units.

The supply chain begins to send the first HomePod
The supply chain begins to send the first HomePod

Inventec and Hon Hai are responsible for continuously manufacturing these Apple smart speakers, which suffered a huge delay last November, when Cupertino decided to postpone their release until the beginning of this year.

The Taipei Times has dared to claim that this delay is due to software problems , citing sources very close to the assembly line. They pick up the following:

The delay in the implementation of HomePod was caused by the fine-tuning of software and hardware integration, said another industry source who also asked not to be identified due to the sensitivity of the issue.

Although a million units may seem like little when we’re talking about Apple, some sources claim that the shipment at the end of the year will exceed 11 million units. We should keep in mind that the market is currently quite limited (with the US, UK and Australia), but we hope that it will soon extend to the whole world, not just three countries.

The big question is, will they be able to make a dent in the market even if this product arrives late? Remember that the competition with Google Alexa and Amazon Echo is very strong in the current market.

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