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The Super Bowl Announcement Apple Doesn’t Want You To See

The SuperBowl is a must-attend social event in the USA

On these dates, great events such as the Golden Globes, the Super Bowl or the Oscars are coming up. All these events bring together millions and millions of people in the audience, so the big companies share out the advertising space to the highest bidder. Even more than the Oscars or the Golden Globes, the Super Bowl or rather its preview and its rest, is the Mecca of advertisers .

During the 30 minute break of the Super Bowl since it began in 1967, its shows and everything around it have become a great social event . In fact, everyone gets together with their friends or family to watch him consume so much food and drink that it is the biggest drinking day of the year, after Thanksgiving.

The Super Bowl Announcement Apple Doesn’t Want You To SeeThe Super Bowl Announcement Apple Doesn’t Want You To See

But the truth is, Super Bowl ads have always been very popular. In fact, in 1984, Apple decided to release its famous Macintosh ad for as many people as possible to see. What not everyone knows is that there is also an ad that was a failure and that Apple had to withdraw due to its controversy .

An ad that talked about mass suicide and obviously didn’t take

Only a year after achieving glory with their ads, Cupertino’s launched this ad entitled “Lemmings” and it was totally rejected by society. In the advertisement we see a group of people, probably workers in a big city, who with their eyes covered are heading irremissibly towards the precipice .

This idea of mass suicide was the reason why the American people declined this announcement. If we get metaphorical we can understand that if we continue to use computers like those of the time we were approaching a dramatic future . The only salvation was to revolutionize computing through personal computers. But well, all this, says a crazy publicist, everyone can think their own thing.

This is another anecdote of what the Super Bowl represents, where is broadcast with a certain lag in order to censor controversial images . This eagerness to censor has led to the withdrawal this year of a spectacular advertisement by Scarlett Johansson in which she sponsors a product that could end up with a large part of the sales of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. I must say that it is spectacular for her, the ad is very simple.

Recreating the question of the AppAdvice colleagues, of all the ads that Apple has presented, which one do you like the most? My favorites are included in the last years, when he returned to focus on the emotions that his products suggest, or not. Leave us your comment!