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The successor to iPhone 8 may have more than 6 inches of screen

On September 12th we will know all the ins and outs of what could be a terminal as different and groundbreaking as the iPhone 8, but as the market continues to pay attention to all the news from the world of Cupertino’s people, today in Applesupportphonenumber we echo a rumor that mentions how the generation of iPhone that will succeed the one we will see this month will be .

Specifically, several sources have mentioned the plans of the Californians with their next terminals , which will be characterized by their innovation and by a detail that surely attracts a lot of attention.

The successor to iPhone 8 may have more than 6 inches of screenThe successor to iPhone 8 may have more than 6 inches of screen

The iPhone 8 will have a 5.28 inch screen, a record size in a terminal from the people of Cupertino , if we don’t take into account that this is because Apple will eliminate the frames in the front of the terminal getting a full screen effect.

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According to this information Apple already plans to keep this screen size for the successor of this iPhone 8, although betting on an even bigger variant that would be around 6.46 inches .

This news is at least curious if we remember that until a few years ago Apple was betting on the smaller phones , and it took several years to give the step to the iPhone of the dimensions we know today.

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Of course we understand that this phone will have the feature of not having screen frames, otherwise we could be talking about a tablet rather than a Cupertino’s people iPhone .

No doubt this news coming from the Californian’s own manufacturing chain opens a new debate about whether users want such large terminals or not, but we will have to be on the lookout for possible rumors that talk about the size of Apple’s next devices .

Source : 9to5Mac