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The success of the Apple Watch is taken for granted from Switzerland

The Swiss watch companies, the most prestigious worldwide and which for years have had almost a monopoly on the sales of the best, most expensive and most admired watches in the world , have been concerned for quite some time about what the breakthrough of Apple into the watch market might mean.

During these months we have witnessed attempts from Swiss companies to try to adapt their watches to the entry of technology in this sector in one way or another. The fact is that it seems that the success of the Apple Watch, given the pull of Apple, is unstoppable and among the ranks of the most important Swiss watchmakers it is already accepted that it will have some overwhelming sales figures that will make them lose some market share.

The success of the Apple Watch is taken for granted from Switzerland
The success of the Apple Watch is taken for granted from Switzerland

This is the case with Elmar Mock, co-founder of Swatch , who believes that the medium and low range of watches will be totally shaken by the Apple Watch , and which compares the Apple Watch outbreak to the so-called quartz crisis, which at the time agitated Swiss companies, which like now, were arrogant about the appearance of a new product that would become a bestseller. The high range, where Apple would place the Apple Watch Edition, could suffer less alteration, although being a smaller market, any small change could be significant.

Other important figures in the Swiss watchmaking world, such as Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of Hublot , have a slightly different view of the Apple Watch and even admit that could be beneficial to the Swiss watch industry in the long term . This conclusion comes from the idea that the Apple Watch will help young people get used to buying and wearing watches and will eventually make them want to wear mechanical watches .

In short, it remains to be seen what effects the Apple Watch will have in the short, medium and long term on the Swiss watch industry. In fact, the forecasts predict an overwhelming success for the Apple Watch , so the reaction of the other Swiss watch companies could largely determine how an industry that enjoys great international prestige is affected .

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