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The strange delay of the Mac Pro until December, is there anything else to cover?

We still have a lot to cover A very good sentence that actually summed up everything that happened last Tuesday during the Apple Keynote. Completely free Mavericks, in-depth look at Mac Pro, New MacBook Pro, free Mavericks, massive software updates, iPad Air, iPad mini Retina. The list of new features didn’t seem to end during the presentation , I think it’s been a few years since we lived such a round Keynote.

But I came out with a little “thorn” stuck in that Keynote, and it was none other than not having a firm release date for the Mac Pro. The new Mac Pro was last year’s “strong” hope . Given the long period of time that Apple had not renewed its professional range, many people began to ask questions. And these were answered by Tim Cook himself saying that there would be major new features in the Mac Pro early next year.

The strange delay of the Mac Pro until December, is there anything else to cover?The strange delay of the Mac Pro until December, is there anything else to cover?

The year 2013 came in, and it was moving forward. The hope at the time was that during the first quarter we would have news, this did not happen. The developers’ conference came, and we finally saw the new Mac Pro, a “sneak preview” as they call it. The release date was “Autumn 2013” And here we are, in the middle of autumn, with more or less heat, some cold front threatening, but without an exact release date. December is still very vague to my mind .

It’s very vague because there’s an important professional sector waiting for this new Mac Pro. And many people are sure they’ve had enough of waiting, or even the solution Apple offers isn’t what they need. But as we told you earlier at Apple, the company behind the new Mac Pro is preparing to build it. But still they are not able to offer a more concrete date?

I don’t think they have any manufacturing problems at this point, although it’s true that we can’t trust the video that was presented to us in the last Keynote, it could be perfectly orchestrated (which it is). Also, I don’t think the Mac Pro has as much initial demand as a new iMac or MacBook Pro might have. But there are still two points that I’m surprised Apple hasn’t tried to cover.

First of all, the monitor. Although it has always been a more expensive option, Apple has always had a monitor to offer along with its Pro range. Are we really not going to see a revamp of the Apple Cinema Display with the possibility of 4K resolutions? . Another is storage. A Mac Pro is designed as a completely modular computer, with the option of connecting external hard drives and even graphics cards via its Thunderbolt 2 ports Are you really going to leave this to third parties?

As much as there are other manufacturers that offer more affordable solutions, I can’t believe that Apple doesn’t offer a new Cinema Display and a module to connect to the Mac Pro that gives us the possibility to connect hard drives or even graphics cards. Maybe this is where the lack of a specific launch date lies and Apple will present us with something like this? Maybe we’ll see another Keynote before the end of the year? I doubt it very much, but I am surprised that Apple has not presented these solutions .