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The story of how ‘Find my iPhone’ helped to recover a lost cell phone in Medellin


From the kind of stories like the one I will tell you below, we can say that the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature can really help us find our device in the face of an unfortunate loss. The Reddit FallofftheMap user published a video a few hours ago in which he tells the story of his most recent trip from Quito (Ecuador) to Medellin (Colombia), where he also lost his iPhone and found it with the help of the ‘Find my iPhone’ tool .

The story of how ‘Find my iPhone’ helped to recover a lost cell phone in MedellinThe story of how ‘Find my iPhone’ helped to recover a lost cell phone in Medellin

According to FalloftheMap’s story, after spending a few days in Quito, he decided to travel to Colombia, making a first stop in Pasto (Nariño), to then go on to Medellín. When he arrived at his destination, he noticed that he forgot his iPhone 7 in the taxi that took him to the hotel where he was going to spend the night. Two days later, using the ‘Find My iPhone’ function , the tourist travelled through the streets of the city in search of his mobile phone, until the tool took him to a building where, according to the neighbours, a taxi driver lived, indeed the one who had stayed with his smartphone.

The way to recover your lost iPhone 7

In the company of the police and a friend with whom he was travelling, the man waited for the taxi driver to appear on the scene. When this happened, as expected, the taxi driver got out of the car with the tourist’s iPhone 7 in his hands . According to FallofftheMap’s account, even though the phone had a jailbreak version of iOS, and already had another SIM card, ‘Find My iPhone’ worked perfectly.

“We had the option of sending him to prison, but I didn’t have the heart to do it after seeing the pictures of his children on my phone. The taxi driver jailbreak the phone and changed the SIM card , but still ‘Find my iPhone’ worked very well. I was lucky. The man kept my SIM card and I returned with the phone. I was able to retrieve and use all my videos from the first half of the trip” , said FallofftheMap.

The Reddit user posted the video of his entire journey on his YouTube channel, but at minute 16:45 you can see the moment when he went with his partner and the Colombian police to retrieve the phone in a somewhat dangerous neighborhood in Medellin. The taxi driver was indeed living there and, according to the authorities, it was not the first time he did something like this to tourists who forgot their belongings in his taxi.

The importance of activating ‘Find my iPhone’

So you know, it’s best to always think about the safety of our devices and use the tools that we have at our disposal. To avoid big losses (especially of information) it is not only recommended to make backups, but also to enable functions like ‘Find my iPhone’ or ‘Find my Mac’ that will help us not only to locate the devices, but also to disable them remotely, send messages or even sound an alarm .