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The Statue of Liberty with all the details in this app


Augmented reality has been a much discussed and promoted aspect of Apple’s iOS devices. With ARKit you can do real wonders, especially in education. The latest proof of this is the Statue of Liberty app, which even shows us parts of it in real scale .

The Statue of Liberty with all the details in this app
The Statue of Liberty with all the details in this app

Those responsible for this historical monument have wanted to modernize it and adapt it to the times. To do so, one of the keys has been to take it to the digital world through an app. Taking advantage of this they have made a three-dimensional model that can be seen in augmented reality with the iPhone and iPad. To achieve this detailed 3D model they have needed more than a year of scanning and photography.

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The new application can be downloaded completely free of charge from the App Store. When you open it, it will show you different three-dimensional models of the Statue of Liberty . Among them is the life-size foot of the statue, although to see it properly perhaps the ideal would be to open it in an open space to see it in full.

Other remarkable views are, for example, the time machine, where we can see how it has evolved over the years by changing colour and changing its appearance. All this from the living room of our house for example, as the statue will appear with augmented reality at a considerable size to see all the details from all angles. Moreover, even there is a view to see its interior , where you can see all its interior structure that keeps it standing.

Members of Apple such as Tim Cook have also contributed to the creation of the app by making a donation. According to the creators of the app, it is the biggest opening of a museum thanks to the reach of the iOS devices:

You can download the app for free from the App Store and see for yourself what the Statue of Liberty looks like in augmented reality.


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