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The Simpsons’ funny parody of Apple and Steve Jobs

The Simpsons is a show that will never go out of style. Just like we hope it will with Apple. In this post we’ll look at a parody the yellow family made of Steve Jobs and Apple itself. It was aired in 2008, but as I said, it will never go out of style.

The Simpsons rename it Apple

The chapter entitled “Mypods and dynamite cartridges” in Spain (“Mypods y dinamita” in Latin America) was released in the United States on November 30, 2008 through FOX channel.

The Simpsons’ funny parody of Apple and Steve Jobs
The Simpsons’ funny parody of Apple and Steve Jobs

Mapple Store (parody of the Apple Store in The Simpsons)

For those who have not seen it, or do not remember it, tell them that this episode focuses on parodying Apple, although never with its original name. The plot of the chapter begins when, while visiting a shopping mall, Lisa discovers a Mapple (Apple) store and, fascinated, decides to enter. Once inside, and prior to an important announcement through a giant screen, by CEO Steve Mobbs (Jobs is not saved either), Bart launches into another of his pranks and is that he manages to change Steve’s voice for his own and thus tries to ridicule the Apple buyers … of Mapple, sorry.

The buyers present in the Mapple Store, are furious when they discover Bart’s mischief and it is then when the parody of all the parodies takes place, and it is that, the comic book store clerk, appears running with a hammer in his hand, parodying the famous 1984 Apple advertisement.

Lisa is fascinated by the Mypod (parody of the iPod) but is saddened to learn that its price is too high to afford it. But thanks to a stroke of luck she manages to leave the store with the music player, as Krusty the Clown gets rid of it as his screen seems too small to watch movies. Today we would recommend Krusty an iPad, or a Mypad as they would call it in the yellow series.

Steve Mobbs (Steve Jobs parody in The Simpsons)

The chapter continues with a Lisa totally hooked on her Mypod, so much so that she faints with fright when she receives a bill for $1,200 because she had downloaded 1,212 songs to her player. Surprised and upset, Lisa decides to visit Mapple’s headquarters to ask for a reduced payment plan. It is worth noting the grace with which The Simpsons parodied this time the headquarters of Mapple/Apple, since it is located on the bottom of the sea and to access it you have to travel in a kind of submarine shaped like a pendrive.

Once at headquarters, Lisa meets Steve Mobbs and asks him to reduce the payment. He, on the other hand, decides to hire Lisa as a company worker. Work that Lisa accepts without knowing that she would end up delivering advertising coupons on the street dressed as Mypod.

The Simpsons and their genius for parody

There will be those who have enjoyed watching this episode, there will be those who have been left indifferent and also some, especially Apple fans, who have been offended by watching this episode. I, being a big Apple fan, enjoyed watching the episode.

It must be understood that The Simpsons is a cartoon series with the aim of making the audience laugh. It was not the first time that something so popular was satirized nor was it the last, and that is that the yellow family seems not to have left a puppet with a head – metaphorically speaking – in its more than 600 chapters during 28 years.

We must acknowledge the genius with which Matt Groening (creator of the series) and his team often parody different brands, companies, characters or situations. In the case of Apple, they wanted to avoid a lawsuit and called it Mapple, Jobs was turned into Mobbs and the iPod into Mypod. They even did that with grace. If anyone was offended, I would give them as advice that they should not take it as a criticism and try to see it with a sense of humor.

Marge and Homer with a Myphone

It was not the first time that Apple was parodied in the series, and it was not the last one either since in numerous subsequent occasions we have been able to see the yellow characters using some Mapple brand device with their double-bite apple.

Remember this episode of The Simpsons? What did you think? Tell us your impressions in the comments.

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