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The Security Vulnerability Affecting iOS 13 beta 3

Right now we are very much looking forward to the iOS 13 and iPadOS developer and public betas, and the truth is that we are seeing several important bugs that we hope will be solved in the next betas. Among these bugs we can highlight an important security vulnerability that has been recently detected that would leave all application and website passwords visible to anyone as it does not require biometric authentication from the device owner.

If you are on iOS 12 right now and you go to Settings> Accounts and passwords> Passwords and webs and apps , you will see that the device asks you to identify yourself via Face ID or Touch ID. This is to ensure that no one who picks up without you knowing the unlocked terminal can access your passwords such as online banking or other sensitive data.

The Security Vulnerability Affecting iOS 13 beta 3The Security Vulnerability Affecting iOS 13 beta 3

This is not iOS 13 beta 3 as it has been reported through Reddit there is a bug that would allow to skip the identification through Face ID or Touch ID easily making anyone can access the password data as we can see in the following iDeviceHelp video.

To skip this identification you will simply have to try to access these passwords several times and in the end iOS 13 will give up and show you all the passwords. As we said before, obviously e you have to unlock the iPhone normally but you may have to lend it to someone and this crafty person will get into the wrong place and see all your passwords something that would be fatal for us.

We are in a beta and these bugs are relatively normal, although we are certainly in front of a very important one that we hope will be solved in the iOS 13 developer beta 4 that we hope will see the light in the next days.

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