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The security of Face ID on iPhone X is in question, after multiple failures in its presentation

Yesterday, Face ID was one of the big stars of the iPhone X presentation. The facial recognition system that promises to fail 50% less than the traditional Touch ID, ensuring that only 1 in a million unlocks will fail.

Face ID was presented next to the iPhone X, which introduces it, when you remove the Touch ID to unlock the terminal or make your payments. The sensors that have incorporated in the front give the possibility that its operation is spectacular on paper, but when we have the terminal in hand, things change, and this happened in the demo that was made yesterday.

The security of Face ID on iPhone X is in question, after multiple failures in its presentation
The security of Face ID on iPhone X is in question, after multiple failures in its presentation

Face ID features in Keynote

Craig Federighi was responsible for showing “how well” Face ID technology works, and I put it in quotes because when it came time to unlock the iPhone X, didn’t unlock on the first attempt when showing his face to the front camera. This forced to make a terminal change with another one that had security to make this demo. You can see this in this video we found on YouTube.

People who have noticed this detail have jumped up claiming that this technology is not reliable, and that nothing will replace the Touch ID. It was even claimed that this “failure” led to a stock market crash, which did not actually happen for this reason.

In the video that we have placed at the top, we see how the Head of Software of Apple when presenting this failure and see how the iPhone asks for the unlock code, begins to get quite nervous with the public that we could not avoid holding the air, although at the second attempt already worked, but with another terminal. Maybe this happened because nobody entered the password after restarting the iPhone X, but it doesn’t make sense, because the message that would come out would be very different, namely that it was due to a reboot.

We don’t know exactly what happened. We hope that the most logical explanation is not true, that Face ID lacks accuracy in recognizing your face, something that would leave Apple in the bottom of a dead hole. Although the technologies incorporated were very interesting and we hope that in these months that still remain for the official launch of this terminal, this “problem”, of which we have no official statements, will be finished. The Touch ID has also not failed everyone in our terminal, but we hope that this technology does not have this trend.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this video, and don’t forget that we will have to test it intensively before giving an opinion and a true theory.

I invite you all to fail the Touch ID five times by putting a different finger! You will see that your code is required to “activate” the Touch ID. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be freshly reset.

I’m sure you’ll be interested… Apple presents the new iPhone X and it’s spectacular.

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