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The secret bus lines for Apple workers on Infinite Loop

Estudio de las líneas de autobuses de las empresas de Silicon Valley

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The secret bus lines for Apple workers on Infinite Loop
The secret bus lines for Apple workers on Infinite Loop

There is little left to know about the Californian company. Today we even learn about the bus lines that go around the city to pick up the workers from Apple and the different companies in Silicon Valley to take them to their jobs. Everything has been carried out in the form of an independent study by a company called Stamen, which has made the maps almost like spies.

Many large companies hire bus services that run a route to take workers who want to go to work. Apple was not going to be less, and in Cupertino there is a bus line that takes its workers to the company’s headquarters in Infinite Loop.

Thus, a private company called Stamen came up with a project to bring to light a map with the different secret bus routes of Apple, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. These buses are usually double deckers with tinted windows, comfortable seats and Wi-Fi connection, which travel all over the San Francisco coast to pick up workers.

However, the companies do not make these routes public in order to avoid problems with fans and that may even board a bus in case of mass euphoria . But thanks to Stamen, here are the bus routes that stop at Apple. The most impressive thing is the size of the routes, which we can clearly see in the picture:

The thickness of each line identifies the number of buses that pass through those routes , and the one that takes the lead by far is Google. No doubt a research work, and almost a spy’s work that is to take your hat off.


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