The Samsung S9 is expected to copy the Animojis from the iPhone X

We know that Apple is a benchmark for any technology company that prides itself today, we have said it a thousand times, but we just have to give the example of the iPhone because until the most emblematic terminal in history came out 10 years ago the phones before it had a screen and a physical keyboard with an unnecessary number of buttons and it was the apple that decided to end that design and incorporate a touch screen in which we would have access to everything we needed and from then on most terminals have been like that to the point that none today use a physical keyboard. Today we come to talk about the iPhone X and its Animojis since, according to Korean sources, Samsung is thinking of implementing in its next flagship, the Samsung S9, a facial recognition system with a 3D emojis function , in short, a copy of the Animojis of the iPhone X.

It’s not really surprising that other companies, in this case Apple’s biggest competitor today, adopt concepts and ideas from the apple to launch their own software. At the moment and given that the new Samsung flagship has not yet come out (it is expected to come out in the middle of next month along with the ‘+’ model) we still don’t know the name that the facial recognition system will have .

The Samsung S9 is expected to copy the Animojis from the iPhone X
The Samsung S9 is expected to copy the Animojis from the iPhone X

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The funny thing is that the same source that claims that the Korean brand Samsung will copy the Animojis system from the iPhone X also says that the one from the Samsung S9 and S9+ will be superior and more advanced . The 3D emojis will be generated by the Samsung terminal’s facial recognition system so the security of the terminal will be significantly lower than on the iPhone X.

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