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The Samsung Galaxy S5 May Be Suffering Production Delays

The availability of the Galaxy S5 may be lower than expected due to production problems

About a month ago, Samsung officially unveiled the features of its new smartphone, the Galaxy S5. It is water and dust resistant, has a fingerprint sensor and a pulse sensor and also maintains the 5.1-inch SuperAMOLED screen with 1080p resolution.

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 May Be Suffering Production DelaysThe Samsung Galaxy S5 May Be Suffering Production Delays

The Korean brand marked April 11 as the date when customers could enjoy this new model in their hands. Until then, the only things that could be seen were how this smarthpone takes pictures, makes videos, and even how it would come out of the box.

But it seems that Samsung is having problems with the production of its new flagship, and the factories where they are assembled are having difficulty meeting the dates that the Korean brand has set. As such, there would already be thousands of units assembled, but insufficient to meet the demand that the new model of smartphone might have.

The delay could be caused by the sensor in the main chamber

The drawback that the factories where the Korean company’s smartphones are assembled may be the sensor of the main camera lens. It seems that they are having difficulty in correctly centering the optics on the ISOCELL sensor of the 16 megapixel camera of the Galaxy S5.

Because of this, Samsung has to face the fact that the stability of the production process in the module where the S5 lens is mounted is questionable. Although they are trying to resolve this issue as soon as possible, it is clear that it is affecting the manufacture of the new smartphone very much.

Previously there were rumors with other causes than delay in production

This is not the first time that Samsung has had problems with the assembly line of the new Galaxy S5 . Not long ago there was a rumour that one of the factories had suffered a fire , although the extent of the fire is unknown.

What was known is that many of the elements used for manufacturing and finished devices were damaged , which we imagine affected considerably the amount of smartphones that could be available for sale from April 11.

What is clear is that Samsung has to get its act together, since only has about 4 or 5 million Galaxy S5 manufactured, when the expected amount was a minimum of 5 million units and a maximum of 7, as we can read in GSM Arena.