The Runtastic Road Bike PRO app FREE for a limited time

We are back with a free app for a limited time in the App Store that many of you will surely know, Runtastic Road Bike PRO: Bici .

This app is highly valued by users, where it currently has more than 53 ratings and positive reviews in the App Store, ranking 13th in the Health and Fitness category.

The Runtastic Road Bike PRO app FREE for a limited time
The Runtastic Road Bike PRO app FREE for a limited time

Runtastic Road Bike’s app is an application developed for cycling, where thanks to the opinions and collaboration of experts , we have a very complete app with all the necessary data in our iPhone at a single glance.

This app is intended for both novice users and more experienced users . It offers a wealth of really interesting data, from distance to average pace, from calories burned to terrain elevation.

To avoid wasting your fare data, the app integrates with Open Streep Map and Open Cycle Maps, where we can download maps and view them offline . Very useful also when we have a weak signal on our iPhone, since in addition to saving data, we will also consume less battery.

As if that were not enough, it also includes a trainer that indicates the most relevant data while we are practicing our favorite sport, adding interesting data such as speed or distance (among others).

Of course, the app of Runtasctic Road Bike PRO , includes its social section, where we can share our performance with a community of millions of users, as well as share our progress on Facebook or Twitter.

In order to use the app, you must first be registered , either by email or by logging in through Facebook. If you are not registered, you can do so in the app itself in a few seconds.

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