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The rumor war begins, there is already talk of the next iPhone

iPhone 5s, ya hemos podido probarlo

If you thought we were going to get any breaks, big mistake. Not even a month ago we have lived the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5s and the rumor is already moving again trying to define the next steps of Apple, and as could not be less is touching the iPhone . We already have speculations about how the next Apple phone will be and some already dare to venture how it will be.

The rumor war begins, there is already talk of the next iPhoneThe rumor war begins, there is already talk of the next iPhone

Obviously, Apple has already been involved for months in the development of what will be (presumably) the iPhone 6. It is not so easy to develop a phone and have everything ready for its launch, you have to be ready months in advance. And even more so taking into account that this time we will make a big “jump” in generation . There will already be a deep design change and creation of new concepts. But there are certain paths that Apple will not cross.

As we mentioned in Rumorsfera, there are already rumors that Apple is planning a screen increase inside the iPhone. They even dare to venture a new diversification of the range (beyond the “c” version of the product) that would lead us to an iPhone with a screen size equal to the Galaxy Note. We would be talking about a famous Phablet , and this seems to me a mistake to even consider it.

We would be here making a similar mistake to the one that led us to think that Apple was making a cheap iPhone. Apple has one thing very clear, and that is ergonomics when it comes to defining the screen sizes of their mobile devices.

Evidently for taste there are the colors. But in my case in particular (which is basically what an opinion article is about) I prefer the conjunction of the current size of the iPhone plus the iPad mini, than having a device like the Galaxy Note, with which I always feel like the super agent 86 when I have to answer a call on the line of work.

When Apple launched the iPhone, it thought a lot about the size of the screen and came to its conclusion. And since then we have seen how it has been after 5 generations when it has decided to raise it half an inch. Will we be able to see a bigger iPhone 6? I think so, but maybe something closer to five inches , not much more.

I doubt very much that Apple will embark on making a Phablet. At best I would venture a restyling of the iPad mini . How is this possible? How has it been possible with the iPad Air? The new Nexus 7 from Google, seems to me to be a real lookout and maybe the shots were around. Maybe we are in a mistake if we think about a bigger iPhone and we would be more accurate if we think about a smaller iPad mini…

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