The roller coaster when buying a new iPhone (or iPad)

You may have come across a new iPhone and you need to have it yes or no. We don’t know why and you try to convince yourself of the benefits you would get from renewing (at your discretion) “your old” iPhone.

You start to justify the change because it no longer works as well as before, the camera no longer appeals to you to share your photos, the battery barely lasts a few hours and perhaps some aesthetic damage makes your eyes bleed on sight.

The roller coaster when buying a new iPhone (or iPad)
The roller coaster when buying a new iPhone (or iPad)

If this has happened to you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. A lot of Apple customers do the same thing. Apple’s marketing campaigns and the consumerism we are immersed in create this dependency on having the new terminal that the company launches.

This does not mean that it is a negative thing; on the contrary, they have been able to apply their strategy to their products without us noticing. Like other companies, for example Amazon with Prime, discounts or the “Only 2 left in stock”.

Yes, the first 15 days at the launch of a new terminal are decisive for assessing your purchase. After that time, you probably won’t be so interested, nor will you feel like fighting in bargains with other people when you put your current iPhone on sale, and you probably already think that if you haven’t bought it on the launch date, it is already “out of date”.

If you’ve come upstairs and bought it, you’ll probably get on that roller coaster where you can’t wait to get home to remove the plastics (that magic sound) or even smell its box (fetish moment).

But when you already have it running and you hardly see any significant changes compared to your previous iPhone, you may have a rollercoaster ride of sensations . Of course there are improvements, but few tangible ones in the design (except for iPhone X) and in iOS. Since it’s the same operating system you used before.

This is not negative by any means, because you will be able to recover your backup and not lose time restoring the apps and accounts you had associated. On the other hand, you cannot change the interface customization layer, as for example in Android, and this can cause a continuity effect instead of novelty.

So until you take some pictures to compare the improvements of the camera or check that the little “lag” you had before had disappeared, the level of satisfaction is increasing. Although this may come back when we install more applications.

If this has happened to you with any purchase of an iPhone or other device, don’t worry, as we have mentioned before, you are not alone. But think that you have an extraordinary device with many possibilities to discover. If this happens to you, then perhaps the change you want to make from your current iPhone to a newer one is not yet the right time, because you might still be able to get the most out of your current terminal.

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