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The rich bargain, or how you get ripped off on this channel


The bargain channels on Telegram are booming. Personally, I follow a few of them, so, when I saw last night that they announced an iPhone 6 at a ridiculous price I couldn’t believe my eyes -within the skepticism that it was real. However, with a little research I found something very, very shady, and that is that not all that glitters in these bargain channels is gold.

How to make money advertising a scam

The rich bargain, or how you get ripped off on this channel
The rich bargain, or how you get ripped off on this channel

These channels can be maintained thanks to something very simple. As simple as for every product you buy through the link of the offer they have provided you with, they earn a small amount . Up to that point, it all seems right: a bargain in exchange for them making some money, nothing out of the ordinary. However, I was surprised to discover how little they care about the user, and that they have done nothing but sneak in a crude Android imitation as a “refurbished iPhone 6”.

As soon as I saw that they were selling a 16 GB iPhone 6 for $250 -less than the exchange rate- I couldn’t help but take a look and check the veracity of the offer. Everything seemed to be fine until, oddly enough, I was offered a for 2.99 dollars . Yes, yes, they put “rooted” in an iPhone ad and they stay wider than they are long. But they don’t stop there, they also give us the possibility of it coming with the Play Store installed . Why camouflage it under “App Store”, they don’t even bother.

The bargain channels: unreliable as ever

If you’re not already angry, think about those who are not on a good budget and trust the professionalism of the “bargain hunter” , knowing that it is a quality product with no hidden traps. Although we have the protection of PayPal, it is not certain that we will end up getting a refund -no matter how much misleading publicity it is-. And why is that? Because there has been someone smarter than them who has recommended it, knowing what it was, to take the 7% commission that this site offers to its affiliates. Totally regrettable.

Here below is the link to the shop and the infamous Telegram channel for you to draw your own conclusions . In any case, don’t forget to leave us your opinion in the comments.

Supposedly iPhone 6

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