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The return of the Widgets: 4 curious examples

Redbull Volume Widget

Windows XP Sound

¡Volved, volved! ¡Sólo es su sonido de inicio! ¿Estáis hartos de los fanboys acérrimos que se ponen nerviosos con cualquier cosa que les recuerde a Windows? Con éste widget los tendréis bajo control. Pulsándolo, el sonido de arranque de Windows XP sonará con toda su majestuosidad por vuestros bonitos altavoces maqueros. Además el elegante y coloreado logo adornará ( y sorprenderá ) en vuestro Dashboard, más aún si lo ponéis al lado de la imagen de Steve Jobs.

The return of the Widgets: 4 curious examplesThe return of the Widgets: 4 curious examples

With the launch of Tiger, Apple brought to the desktops of all Macs some mini-programs called Widgets : their mission was to be focused on small tasks without taking up more space than necessary ( both in memory and “physically” on our screen ).

The first widgets were small RSS readers, clocks, converters… small utilities that are convenient to have “at hand”. There are even complete games that we can play from our Dashboard, and one of my favorites, a whole Spectrum emulator with classic games included.

However, the operating system evolved to Leopard and widgets did not advance much further . Perhaps by their very nature of small, limited applications, it may seem that the Mac world has been forgetting about widgets… or at least, that only the indispensable ones are used and that there are no funny things.

But it’s not. Over the years, really useful widgets have appeared, which we’ve been discussing at Apple. Today, however, we’ll take a little tour of four small widgets that are not very useful, but very curious and that add a touch of originality and personality to our Leopard.

Redbull Volume Widget

Are you the kind that squeeze your soda cans when you’re done with them? Well, you’re gonna love this widget. With it, you can control the sound of your Mac by moving your mouse over the virtual Redbull can, which will deform when the volume is lowered.


As you can see, none of them will become indispensable in your life ( not even the one in Windows XP ), but it is worth remembering that widgets, besides being useful, can also be curious. If you know of any more curious widgets , please send us the link via our contact form and we will collect them in future posts so that we can virtually cover every pixel on our monitors.