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the resale of sessions at the Genius Bar


Since Tim Cook is in China, maybe he can take advantage of this problem that the Apple stores in that country are having: there is so much demand in the Genius Bar that there are people who book support hours in them and then sell them . A practice that is certainly not welcome in stores or by customers.

the resale of sessions at the Genius Bar
the resale of sessions at the Genius Bar

And the business can be profitable: someone with a good amount of bookings for simple iPhone repairs can earn $2,000 every day. According to some journalists in the country who have investigated, you can find bookings at prices ranging from $1.60 to $6.50 . Unfortunately this is a price that many are willing to pay if our iPhone has broken and we need it urgently for whatever reason.

One step Apple can take to address this issue is to simply check the identity of those who booked the service hours. But this would not solve the cause of everything: there is a lot of demand and few Genius Bars in China. With resales or not, it is practically impossible to book a session at the Genius Bar. And it is very easy to say that it can be solved by making more Apple Stores… maybe a more direct solution can be to give authorized support to other locations and thus decongest all bookings a little bit.

By the way, I hope you haven’t given any ideas to any of your fellow Spaniards. There isn’t so much congestion in the Spanish Apple stores that this is profitable (you have the proof in the image above), and it wouldn’t be strange if Apple was already preparing measures for all the user accounts that try to take advantage of this unethical way.


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