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The renovation of Any.Do, in depth

Although there are many task managers for iOS, from a while to this part my favorite is Any.Do , basically thanks to its simple interface, the possibility to synchronize with other devices, its integration with Chrome and the fact that it is being renewed frequently, including interesting new features.

Today we’re going to see the latest renewal of Any.Do in depth , which is no longer limited to being a task manager, but has also launched Any.Do Cal, an independent calendar application designed to help us plan our daily lives comfortably.

The Any.DO moment

While maintaining the same aesthetic, Any.Do has introduced an improvement in its application of tasks that may be imperceptible to some, but that changes the operation of the app for the better. It’s what they call Any.Do Moment , which is nothing more than a daily reminder that allows us to review our unfulfilled tasks from the previous day to see what we want to do with them, whether to schedule them for some time today, postpone them to tomorrow, for later or indefinitely.

With this little “moment”, which we can access not only when we program it in the options (it will send us a push notification), but also at any time from a button in the lower menu, what we manage to avoid is that, once we have written it down, we forget about the tasks we wrote down, and it also helps us to focus and organize each task one by one , without being overwhelmed by the infinite list we have pending.

Then, in addition, we have the always nice Any.Do interface , which is now even more minimalist, allowing us to see everything we have to do in one glance, although if we want to customize a task, either schedule it for an hour or even that the application warns us to do that task when we arrive at a location (work, home …), then we can intuitively access the hidden menu that is displayed by simply holding down a task.

However, the biggest step Any.Do has taken is to launch its own calendar application that synchronizes with its task application, allowing us to switch between them depending on whether what we’re doing is a task or an agenda item, but always keeping in mind the things we need to do.

Any.Do Cal

With its calendar application, Any.Do has taken a further step to become the task and agenda manager par excellence. If Any.Do for tasks already has a nice design, you can see that in Any.Do Cal the designers have taken special care .

Keeping the same general aesthetics of Any.Do, but with a more visual and detailed interface , the calendar application allows us to manage our events in a simple way, being able to go from a daily view to a monthly one or to slide between consecutive days with intuitive gestures, being this its biggest virtue, although it also comes loaded with functionalities:

  • Synchronizes with Any.Do tasks and other system calendars
  • We can invite Facebook friends to events
  • Any.Do Task y Any.Do CalMás información
    We can add locations for the events, with the possibility even to order a taxi to take us to that location (although it is not yet available in Spain) or to give us directions

  • It helps us to find bars, restaurants and other places of interest near the location of an event
  • We can set many types of alarms for each event (depending on when we want to be notified or where we want to be notified)
  • As with Any.Do tasks, we can share events or tasks with other contacts
  • Birthday reminder with shortcuts for sending emails, messages, calls or posting on Facebook.

As you can see, Any.Do has been thoroughly revamped with the inclusion of new features in its original application and with the inclusion of a calendar application that makes the new iOS7 calendar application look rough and obsolete.

The renovation of Any.Do, in depth
The renovation of Any.Do, in depth


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