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The regularity of Apple’s news

As far as I can remember, since I follow the internet all the rumors related to Apple and their releases were similar to the current ones (although less frequently). Some of them were denied, others were confirmed and became true after a long or short time.

The difference I can notice, though, is that previously Apple didn’t follow a regularity when launching its products or services (except the biannual releases of Mac OS X versions), which it is now starting to do and that in fact Phil Schiller pointed out in some statements in the last Macworld.

The regularity of Apple’s newsThe regularity of Apple’s news

Just look at the pattern of launches and press events that Cupertino’s company has been following for two years or more.

First of all, in January of each year, new hardware was presented at the Macworld , something that will no longer happen after the abandonment of this fair by Apple. Although the fact of not having keynote does not seem to affect the releases, which is demonstrated by the updates prior to last year’s Macworld (new Mac Pro), or the recent update of the range of desktop computers in block.

From January we move on to March , the month in which Apple seems to have decided to present the advances they are making in terms of the mobile operating system of the iPhone and iPod touch. We’ve already seen a keynote presenting the AppStore and the new Beta SDK for the iPhone OS 2.0, and tomorrow we’ll see what I predict will be something very similar, with an SDK for version 3.0 of the iPhone OS and without many more surprises.

From March we move to June-July-August , months in which Apple usually celebrates its WWDC and in which important new features are usually presented , such as last year’s iPhone 3G or a preliminary version of Leopard with Time Machine, along with Safari for Windows (remember that this event is more linked to software).

It is not long until September , when Apple usually renews the iPod range in a “special event” focused on music . Just look at the massive renewal last September and September 2007. At these events they also usually update iTunes and occasionally announce new services.

From September we went directly to October-November , months in which there are also novelties since two years ago with a discreet keynote in the same facilities of Cupertino , without making much noise. Leopard in 2007, and the renewal of the portable range in October last year.

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It’s obvious that at least during 2007 and 2008 Apple has been following a pattern that, if continued, could lead us quite reliably to expect to buy some of our favorite company’s products or not. Is that good or bad? Personally I think it can be good for the same reason it can be bad: Users know better what can appear and when. This can positively influence the company’s actions, but it can make the “hype effect” of rumors disappear, an effect from which Apple benefits very much once it launches new products . Anyway, in Cupertino they know what they are doing.

For the moment, returning to the present, we have the next stop tomorrow , in the event that will be held at -seven- six in the afternoon in which we will see a sketch of what awaits us with the iPhone OS 3.0. Of course, Apple will cover the event in order to follow in detail all the new features that will be presented to us.