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the Regent Street Apple Store in London will be remodeled

¿Una Apple Store mágica? No, no es Hogwarts, es Regent Street

For many Spaniards, the Regent Street Apple Store located in London has a special meaning. It was the first official Apple store in Europe, and since its opening many people have visited it in the British capital. Now, after nine years without changes, the store will be remodelled to adapt to the new times.

the Regent Street Apple Store in London will be remodeledthe Regent Street Apple Store in London will be remodeled

In the image above you have the plans that have been filtered, made by Foster and Partners: the premises even will change the distribution of its columns , to create the sensation of being more spacious. The main staircase that we see only in the shop will also be removed, and will be replaced by two thinner side stairs.

Every Apple Store is changing to accommodate the company’s new activities, and sooner or later Regent Street had to fall as well

The idea is to make much more use of the surface area of the shop, which has already become too small in comparison with other premises such as Covent Garden or the same Spanish shops in Puerta del Sol or Passeig de Gràcia. Even part of the upper floor will be removed to allow more natural light in , and that also means that the four posters with the Apple logo will be removed.

While the renovation is underway, Apple will open a temporary store on the underground level of the same building in order to continue serving the more than 4 million visitors who pass through there every year. There are no specific dates as to when we will be able to see this renovation completed, but seeing the work that needs to be done it won’t be soon.

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