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The red Apple Watch could arrive in March 2020

In recent years, Apple has been focusing on Product(RED) products because they have an important social factor by helping a humanitarian fund with a portion of the profits. We have seen how the company has launched cases, straps and even some exclusive iPhone models in red. Now this line will continue to expand to the Apple Watch Series 5.

According to the French media WatchGeneration, Apple is planning the possibility of adding a new color to the Apple Watch Series 5 adding to the silver, gold and space grey that we have now available. To be able to make this statement from the middle they rely on the appearance of this model in an Apple database momentarily.

The red Apple Watch could arrive in March 2020
The red Apple Watch could arrive in March 2020

The Apple Watch can be used to make calls, receive notifications, manage health and fitness issues, but it is also a highly desirable design accessory. If the rumors end up being confirmed, we would see the first watch with a red box. To give you an idea, the tone would be the same as the one we can see right now in the latest iPod touch presented. Most rumors suggest that we would have to wait until March to see this model on the market along with the new iPad Pro and also the second generation iPhone SE .

The price will not vary since as we have seen in the iPhone that have come out in a limited way in this color the base price is maintained. This time the Apple Watch Series 5 Product(RED ) will cost us 449 ? as base price. As we said at the beginning of this article, a part of the money we give when buying a PRODUCT(RED) product goes to support programs against HIV and AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. The ultimate goal is to have fewer children born with this disease by funding awareness programmes and also medication.

We believe that this is a campaign that shows the solidarity side of the company and that it should continue to be promoted. Cupertino’s company has been successful on many occasions with this type of action and it is no wonder. Right now in the Apple Store Online we can find cases for the iPhone, the iPad and also straps for the Apple Watch. There is no doubt that this tone is tremendously beautiful and that is why it is tremendously sold in the Apple Store since in addition to collaborating with this fund we also carry a beautiful product.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this hypothetical Apple Watch in red.

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