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the real evolution is that he now knows how to put context into a conversation

Estas son todas las novedades de la WWDC17

In iOS 11 Siri has evolved, in fact, it is an assistant that is continuously evolving, although it is after each keynote that we discover some of these new features it brings. So, after WWDC17 and with iOS 11, Siri is a little more intelligent than before .

Conversations in context that humanize the virtual assistant

the real evolution is that he now knows how to put context into a conversation
the real evolution is that he now knows how to put context into a conversation

The goal of every virtual assistant has always been to be as humane as possible . That is, to be able to interact with us as if we were human. To do this it requires a couple of factors, such as a natural voice or easily understanding what we are saying, but above all, being able to intertwine actions and conversations.

Siri’s first step as an assistant was to be able to speak in a natural way, the second step we have seen her integrating and understanding natural and complex questions. The third step seems to be coming, now Siri can understand the relationship between a question and the previous one , so that we don’t have to specify all the details in each one of them.

For example, if we ask Siri where Australia is she will show us on Wikipedia. So far everything is correct, but previous versions if we asked her what the capital was we had to say “Siri, what is the capital of Australia”, now it is enough with “What is your capital?

This kind of change, in the long run, saves us a lot of time and above all, makes us feel that we are talking with a real person, even though it is still a virtual assistant.

Other Siri enhancements on iOS 11

In iOS 11 Siri’s improvements have not stayed here, but bring a few more important ones. Thanks to the artificial intelligence Siri is now able to:

  • Instantly translate and pronounce sentences from one language to another. Supported languages are English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German and Italian.
  • Playing music that you know we like or think we’ll like. In fact he will also ask us questions about those songs, for example who sings or what year they are from.
  • News suggestions via Apple News, Siri is able to learn what kind of news we like to suggest more of the same.
  • Help with quick writing by making suggestions that relate to what we are writing or in context.
  • Suggestions in Safari that relate to what we’re looking for. For example, if we search for a hotel on a website, Siri will show us a notification from Apple Maps with suggested directions.

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