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The RAM change in the new iMac

Unbosing y primeras imágenes del interior de los nuevos iMac de 21.5 pulgadas

When the new iMacs were introduced, there was one detail that left many of us a little confused. That detail referred to iMac RAM. As we could see on the Apple website, the difference between the 21.5″ and 27″ model would be that only the larger model would have user access. RAM soldered on board?

The RAM change in the new iMac
The RAM change in the new iMac

That was the first and to this day the popular belief. Seeing what happened with the new MacBook Air as well as the new MacBook Pro Retina, the RAM is soldered onto the board . Of course, seen like this, all this would be a nuisance and many of us didn’t like that decision. Understandable more or less, more or less than more, in a laptop for space reasons and to get a thinner computer but in the iMac?

Today, with the first quartering we have been able to observe that no, that the memory is not welded in plate. Well, good news. The fact is that, expanding from the standard 8GB to 16GB costs us 200 euros in the Apple Store. In Macsales, 16GB would cost us 95 dollars. It’s OK to add shipping but it still costs a lot less. Without forgetting that in other physical and online stores we can find them.

Even in the future, the processor could easily be replaced

Finally, Apple only allows us to upgrade to 16GB on the 21.5-inch model. It is possible that, while OWC is testing the new computers, the RAM allowed will be higher as in other models of previous generations. Thus, we will almost certainly be able to expand up to 32GB.

The downside is that only the 27″ model has an access cover to all 4 SO-DIMM slots on the iMac. For the 21.5″ model we will have to access them by removing the screen. But what can I say, considering that I have unmounted many Macs, including the previous 27″ iMac to install an SSD, the process is much easier.

So you know, if you’re handy and you’re not afraid, I’d think about the enlargement. Likewise, for the future, when the warranty has expired you should know that a possible RAM repair will not be so expensive.

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