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The purchases Apple has made over the last few years

Apple is known for buying small businesses and integrating them into its own projects. The last purchases you will surely remember are for example Topsy, the company in charge of social analysis, or Burstly, the company in charge of TestFlight. In total there are about 55 documented purchases since 1988. Some of them are more famous than others.

The most incredible thing is to see how these purchases lead to real products. In our map we have classified them according to the type of business: software, hardware , media, social, maps, advertising, searches and others. Over 60% of Apple’s purchases in recent years have been of software . Apple was only developing software along with hardware that they designed themselves.

The purchases Apple has made over the last few yearsThe purchases Apple has made over the last few years

That’s why they bought companies like P.A. Semi or Intrinsity, to develop processors for the iPad or iPhone, Authentec, those responsible for helping Apple with the Touch ID , FingerWorks had a lot to do with iOS; one of the very recent services we still can’t enjoy here is Radio iTunes, fruit of the purchase of Lala, Siri of course…

As not the second or third place – shared with hardware – it is occupied by 15% of the companies dedicated to cartography, location and 3D that give rise to the famous and controversial Apple maps present in iOS and also from Mavericks in OS X. From the first purchases we already smelled that Apple was going to embark on something related to maps.

Apple does not normally disclose details of the other company’s purchase. We almost always find out why the service you are buying ceases, from a statement from the company… We do have reference to the purchase value of some companies. The most famous one is NeXT, the company that Steve Jobs founded and that allowed him to return to Apple, for 404 million dollars . The next four on the list are also hardware companies .

It should be noted that of all these 38 are from the United States and that in 2013 more companies were purchased, specifically 10 companies. What awaits us in 2014? There have been many hires but few purchases related to the iWatch assumption. You can see the above image in full resolution in imgur.