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The problems of audio apps with iOS 7

iOS 7 is already here for the joy of many, and misfortune for others it seems. Some iOS audio application developers are unhappy with iOS 7’s handling of audio, as it is causing overall performance issues. If your work depends on it, the developers recommend that you do not upgrade to iOS 7 at this time. I also have to say that I’ve been enjoying iOS 7 for a while now and haven’t experienced any of these issues.

If you’ve noticed, many audio applications such as Audiobus or Traktor DJ have warned their users not to update their devices to iOS 7 just before going out to the general public. Here’s what the Audiobus guys had to say:

The problems of audio apps with iOS 7
The problems of audio apps with iOS 7

Audiobus is a great application, for which Apple has also bet on it in the latest Garageband update, and which allows you to mix several audio applications at once. You can basically output the audio from one app, pass it through the filter of another, and receive the mix in another. Really amazing. Who said an iPad wasn’t good for musical creation and creativity?

On the other hand, this is what they say in Native Instruments about Traktor DJ:

I’ve been testing iOS 7 since the first beta and the truth is I haven’t experienced many audio related problems, apart from the general and inherent instability of betas. As you might think after reading Native Instruments’ statements, the problem is not Apple’s and iOS 7’s, but the developers’. Moreover, the same developers of Traktor DJ have released an update deactivating some functions of the application that were really giving problems, so we just have to wait for them to release another update fixing everything -they might not have had enough time-.

The audio in iOS 7 is ready, what’s not ready is the applications. Apple seems to have made changes and improvements to the audio in iOS 7 and some applications are getting a little messy. This is confirmed by the Retronyms development studio in their blog.

In addition, Retronyms urges other developers to come to Apple’s video sessions and test some of their code. No doubt a hand extended to other audio application developers. So that said, if your work depends on these applications, ideally you should wait until the developer of such an application has it ready for iOS 7.

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