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The price of the iPhone XI will not be reduced according to the latest reports

iPhones have never been cheap. In general Apple is not used to being a brand with tight prices, however it usually counteracts this with a good after-sales service as well as hardware and software at the right price . This is the case of the iPhone, which justified its high price by providing a variant that the competition did not have. However, in recent years we have witnessed how the high-end smartphone industry is launching devices with very similar characteristics . The price of the iPhone XI could be maintained even though, at least as far as we know, it will not incorporate anything really revolutionary.

The iPhone XI, to call it something, is the new device that Apple will present in September and which could come in two different sizes and even in a third size and version that would cover the market niche of the current iPhone XR . We know little or nothing about this device beyond the always questioned rumors.

The price of the iPhone XI will not be reduced according to the latest reports
The price of the iPhone XI will not be reduced according to the latest reports

Many reports have agreed that the iPhone of 2019 will bring, at least in its highest version, a triple camera . Also an improved Face ID and even the return of the Touch ID integrated into the screen are some of the new features that are also expected from this device.

The price, as pointed out by media such as Softpedia, seems not to be reduced. This does not mean that Apple will increase the price of its computers . But it does seem that since Cupertino they are not willing to lower the price of their star device even though the latest premium models, the iPhone XS and XS Max, are not generating the profits the company expected.

If there is a device that is saving Apple’s revenue in some way it is the iPhone XR . This device lacks some features that its XS siblings have such as the dual camera, the tactical engine that allows 3D Touch or the OLED screen. On the contrary this device has a last generation LCD Liquid screen that gives a quite good experience to the user and a single camera lens that is capable of taking portraits of very high quality people.

The iPhone XR also features the latest generation A12 Bionic chip that gives it the same power as the iPhone XS. The device also features a wide range of colours: coral, blue, yellow, red, black and white. But if there is one feature that stands out above all is that this device starts from a price of 859 euros in its 64 GB storage version. It’s true that it’s not a low price but it’s considerably cheaper than the iPhone XS which starts at 1,159 euros. The difference with the XS Max version starts at 400 euros.

However, and against the good reception of the device in the market, it seems that Apple will not launch more devices of similar range to the iPhone XR after the version that will arrive in 2019 . According to the latest reports, it seems that the company will stop making iPhones with LCD screens, so we suspect that they will all be OLED and therefore the sales price will rise, causing us to lose that “cheap” iPhone.

As we always say, this is not official information and therefore we should not give it absolute credibility . Leave us your opinion about this rumor about the price in the comments and tell us how you think it could be justified not to lower the price of the iPhone XI.

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