The price of the iPhone 5c drops dramatically

With the appearance of the iPhone 5c, or rather since we knew its price, we have predicted poor sales. What everyone expected to be the cheap Apple terminal, became a somewhat more accessible terminal. Comparing the trend of its prices, we see how the market has pushed down the price of the terminal. No doubt, Apple has made a mistake in the price.

For everything there is a first time, also for those of Cupertino, who have seen how the price of one of their products drops at a dizzying speed shortly after being launched. This is the case of the colourful and controversial iPhone 5c which, after its launch, met with a furious horde of users who were dissatisfied with the fact that their long-awaited low cost only remained at lower cost , i.e. a terminal that was somewhat cheaper than the top of the range, the all-powerful iPhone 5s.

The price of the iPhone 5c drops dramatically
The price of the iPhone 5c drops dramatically

In order to verify this fact, that the price of the iPhone 5c is plummeting , we are going to Italy. There, Idealo – the leading price comparison website – has been comparing the prices of this iPhone for just over a month after its launch. The results are overwhelming, it all started at a price of 629 euros and in just over a month has dropped 25% from this.

The Californians’ strategy of launching two iPhone devices at the same time seems not to be working as well as they would have liked . Partly due to the excessive price they have put on the iPhone 5c which, at the end of the day, is still an iPhone 5 wrapped in polycarbonate.

The competition is strong, Android has a variety in the midrange that borders on infinity and Windows Phone with its Lumia, is doing real wonders so at those prices, Apple has nothing to do and the market trend is showing .

Today, the iPhone 5c in its free format, is almost a unfeasible option for any user . Its sales, to a large extent, depend on the facilities that the operators provide for its acquisition . We have already seen how the market has reduced the price of the device . Now it’s Apple’s turn, will it lower the price officially? I sincerely doubt it .

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