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The popular iOS game ‘Monument Valley’ will be a movie

Las cifras de Monument Valley 2 demuestran que las aplicaciones de pago pueden triunfar en la App Store

Not only is Apple starting to produce its own series and movies, but the game developers for iOS are also starting to do so. Monument Valley , one of the most successful platform games, will be adapted into a movie as recently reported from Deadline (reflected in MacRumors).

The popular iOS game ‘Monument Valley’ will be a movie
The popular iOS game ‘Monument Valley’ will be a movie

The rights to this film are already owned by Paramount Pictures and Weed Road Pictures, with Patrick Osborne appointed as director . Osborne has directed or shot films such as Rompe Ralph and Big Hero 6; and short films such as Feast, Pearl and Paperman. If the film is well received, we could even be talking about a saga.

Osborne has called Monument Valley a “unique experience”, combining a simple and meditative game with a story that feels like it could be huge . And that enormous story, which talks about the kingdom of the protagonist Ida where constructions of impossible geometry can become reality, can be given for the saga of films that we have mentioned.

For the moment, we’ll have to be very patient, as right now Osborne is working on a new animated film called Nimona. Counting that he is going to start working with the Monument Valley film right after finishing that shooting, we would have to shuffle a release date between 2020 and 2021 .

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