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The Pokémon keyboard is one of the best options for the iPad

Although it may seem like a joke, the Pokémon keyboard of the Nintendo DS, becomes one of the best alternatives for your iPad, Mac or iPhone.

It is a Bluetooth keyboard that Nintendo launched for a price of over 60 euros , along with a game and a stand for the system. Luckily or unfortunately, it was not successful. Probably because of the price, so Nintendo decided to liquidate it at a breakthrough price.

The Pokémon keyboard is one of the best options for the iPadThe Pokémon keyboard is one of the best options for the iPad

Some users realized that by making a combination of keys, Bluetooth became visible to any device, becoming a functional keyboard. At best, the set does not even reach 15 euros in the worst case. The manufacturer is Nintendo , so the warranty is guaranteed.

This keyboard comes with a Nintendo game called “Learn with the Pokémon: Adventure between the Keys”, a stand (which works for our iPhone or iPad) and the keyboard itself. The dynamic of the game is to learn how to type with the Pokémon. If you’re not interested in the game, you can always give it away.

Well, the keyboard Pokémon is designed to be beaten by small children, so it has a very solid and fairly sturdy construction. So we can take it outside with our iPad without fear of falling. As for the battery life, it is quite high, making it a keyboard with a great autonomy .

The size is more than correct, it doesn’t have specific numeric keys, so its size is quite reduced but at the same time it’s very comfortable to work in mobility or at our desk. The keys have a very correct path, with a very characteristic keystroke sound and a comfortable width.

When word got out that it could connect to a Bluetooth device and the price drop for the settlement, the stock ran out quickly, making it a hard to find item. Luckily, the stock of this Pokémon keyboard has just returned, so you have the opportunity to buy it for less than 15 euros (compared to the original 60 euros).

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What did you think of this Pokémon keyboard? Have you tried it?